Sunday, 15 February 2015

Top colors for modern kitchen cabinets

When we think of modern kitchens, we mostly think of white, grey, and black colors. But modern kitchens are not devoid of colors. You can have cherry red lacquer cabinets or bright cobalt blue cabinetry. You can go for colored cabinets to add a flourish of color to your modern kitchen. You can add a touch of color by getting just one or two upper cabinets in your choice or color or you can have the entire cabinetry in the same color. The choice is all yours.
Purple-purple is a rage in the modern kitchen design industry. It looks stunning and gives visual richness to the kitchen that is simply unmatchable. Use a cool, neutral shade for the remainder of the room for achieving a modern look and feel.
Blue-this beautiful color can have an uplifting effect on the entire mood and ambience of the room. Rejuvenating and energizing, all shades of blue can be used in kitchen cabinets.
Orange-orange kitchen cabinets exude a sense of playfulness and brightness into otherwise dull and boring kitchen set up. Combine it with grey, white, or light shades of blue to achieve the perfect effect.
Yellow-yellow kitchen cabinets can fill your kitchen with glow and radiance. Different shades of yellow can be used along with green, red, and black. If you have kitchen countertops in stone or wood, yellow cabinets would look amazing.
There are many other colors that can be used to add vivacity and exuberance to your modern kitchen. Look for a professional modern kitchen design company to help you select the right color for your kitchen cabinets.

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