Thursday, 30 January 2014

Add Life to Your Small Kitchen

One of the biggest myths revolving around kitchen renovation is that if you have a small kitchen, you can not do much to its design. However, this is completely baseless as with modern kitchen designs and Italian cabinets, you can transform your small space into a full-fledged functional unit. So if you have limited space, here are some ideas that will help you make the most of your cooking space –

  • Make the most of the central space in your kitchen. You must install an island as it will help you organize the space more effectively.
  • Get the most of the space below the sink. You may install cabinets there to keep the additional belongings.
  • Instead of going for large spaced cabinets, it is advisable to go for small partitions in them so that you can accommodate more stuff there.
  • In case you have a small kitchen, do not install additional lighting fixtures as it will lead to the cramping of your limited space. Instead go for natural lighting source or install the fixtures in the cabinets to save a lot of your space.
A small kitchen can also be effectively managed to meet your space requirements. Keep these points in mind and add life to your small kitchen.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Current Trends in Kitchen Designs

Food is the basic necessity of life. We earn to feed ourselves and our family members. This is the reason why kitchen is considered the heart of every home. No matter how old or newly constructed your house is, every homeowner strives hard to make the kitchen look exceptionally good and functional. Below are the current trends in kitchen designs that you should consider when planning kitchen remodeling –

  • Multi-colored cabinets are the recent craze among the homeowners. Bold and vibrant cabinets are the most sought after contemporary kitchen design elements.
  • If you thought that lighting can accentuate your living room and bedroom only, then you are mistaken. Oversized lamps and ample of accent lighting add a unique look and feel to your kitchen designs, making them popular among the homeowners.
  • Although brass is an important component of traditional kitchens, it is again gaining popularity. The most popular among these are the brass faucets that have become extremely popular.
  • Kitchen islands have always been an important part of any kitchen. Colored kitchen cabinets add a life to the kitchen and they are extremely functional as well.
If you are planning a home renovation, go for these recent trends in kitchen design and make your kitchen a remarkable piece where the style meets functionality.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

What to Consider when Designing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Memories are also created in kitchen while cooking. Make you kitchen the most beautiful part of the house. Check out What to consider when designing your kitchen:

1) Changing the layout of your kitchen
2) Where to start with your kitchen design
3) Be practical in design
4) Creating your kitchen floor plan
5) Kitchen layout options:

a) Corridor
b) U-shaped
c) Galley
d) L-shaped
e) Island

6) How to design a small kitchen

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Kitchen design trends for 2014

As kitchen is known as the one room of the home so everybody wants to make it look more attractive. Check out some hot trends in kitchen decor:

1) The showcase kitchen: With the continued emphasis on lifestyle and food, the kitchen is more of a draw than ever. Contemporary design capitalizes on this trend with lots of exciting elements to make the kitchen more of a living space.

2) Specialty-focused: Kitchens continue to be focused on features like sustainability, cooking options and ease of use. Trends that favor energy savings are a key development. Touchless faucets save on water and energy-stingy appliances can trim electric bills.

3) Countertop shift: While granite and marble remain the standard-bearers, we'll see more engineered countertops take hold, such as quartz and glass. These surfaces sport an attractive natural look, emphasize sustainability and are easy-care.

4) Shift to neutral: Wild colors are taking a back seat to the high-contrast black-and-white kitchens rising in popularity. The clean backdrop of black and white makes food and accent colors pop, and the look is timeless. Kitchens will also shift into quiet mode as the trend toward neutral colors continues in other parts of the house.

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